The first day of school a day equally loved and equally loathed by students, but if you are going to college for the first time you probably are nervous, scared and excited all at the same time. Fear not brave young person, we have created this website to help you! The reason for this is simple, you are leaving your normal routine and replacing it with something that you are not used to, and most importantly you will be on your own for the first time away at college.

To ensure that you enjoy your first year of college you should do the following.

Avoid the urge to carry everything

You may want to carry your entire wardrobe, electronics, toys and many other things such as your prom dress that you simply don’t need. What all this junk will do is clutter the room and believe me your roommate or the person helping you move won’t be happy with this.

Therefore the best thing to do is to carry only what you need, the rest will accumulate as you progress.

Orientation/welcome events

These events may seem like a waste of time but they are a good way of making friends or study partners, if you need any help with something you can also get it from these events, also if you want to participate in extracurricular activities such as joining student organizations, volunteer opportunities or join clubs this is a great place to start.

You can chose to skip orientations but make sure that you understand the college’s requirements, e.g. in some colleges it is mandatory to attend orientation.

Attend classes

It is normal for students to want to skip the first three, four days or even a week of college but it is not recommended. Start on the first day and avoid skipping lessons because if you do, you will miss out on a lot of information and this can have impact on your final grade. If you suffer from a learn disability such as ADHD, make sure you see a councilor.

Find a place to study

Dorm rooms are full of distractions this makes it very important to find study places outside the dorm that are free of distraction, the idea here is to come up with a study routine. For example, if you find a distraction free area you can spend two hours studying there after classes, preferably at the same time and spot.

Try to make friends

The best way to go through college is by building a support system around you, if you have friends you will no longer have the urge to go home each weekend. But don’t overdo it if you focus too much on socializing you may forget your purpose for being there and always beware of your surroundings.

Make money

If you need extra cash you can look for an on campus job or local businesses in the area, the importance of getting a job is that you will have independence from your parents. Meaning that you won’t have to call them each time you need something.

Drugs, sex and alcohol

While in college you will be tempted to experiment with a lot of things, the important thing is to make sure that you are always in control of your decisions. Don’t be pressured into doing what you don’t want to do.

Therefore if you are going to drink, do it wisely. And never leave your drink unattended or take drinks or food from strangers.

If you are going to experiment with sex be safe. But keep this mind, colleges have the highest rates of STDs and condoms are not guaranteed to work 100%.