Safety tips for first year college students

To most people going to college is the first big step into adulthood, but as exciting as it may sound it can be scary especially for people who suffer from learning disabilities or who have never been far from home. Luckily, we created this website to help you with this process. The reason for this is simple; you will be on your own for the first time, now this will mean different things to different people some may see it as freedom while others will see as cause to panic.

Amidst all the fun that first year students have in college there is one thing that most fail to understand, the importance of security. You may be thinking that the people around you are all friends and build a false sense of security, if you make this mistake and let your guard down some of your so called ‘friends’ may put you in harm’s way, remember you don’t always know who to trust in college. Therefore the question is how can you stay safe in college and what you should expect?

Emergency systems

Most Canadian colleges have emergency systems scattered throughout the campus, it could be phones or even call buttons. The point of having these systems just as the name suggest is for students to utilize them when they need help, therefore when in college you should always know where these systems are.

Buddy system

When you are on your own at night are you more vulnerable to attacks, therefore if you have to move from one point to another it is important to have another person with you especially if the route you are taking is dark. The idea is to have someone you can trust to help you stay out of trouble.

Also when walking at knight if you have a car make sure that you have the keys ready, this will prevent the long delay of finding your keys. And if something doesn’t feel right you can always call the authorities especially when you see suspicious activities.


College Parties can be fun but they are also dangerous, therefore never go to a college party alone make sure that you have people you can trust even if it’s one person. If the party gets out of hand or if your instincts sense something’s wrong leave.

Another important thing is no to never leave your drink unattended or with someone you don’t know, this applies to both men and women. You never know what someone might slip into the drink or even food, so don’t take food or drinks from strangers.

Drunk driving may sound ‘cool’ but it is one of the leading causes of death in campus, therefore if the driver is drunk don’t get into that vehicle. If you are the driver make sure that you stay sober and you should never offer rides to strangers.

Self defense

Learning self defense is one of the best ways of keeping yourself safe on campus; alternatively you can carry pepper spray or a whistle.

But the biggest defense you have is awareness of your surroundings, because your weapons can be turned against you especially during close quarters combat, this make it better to avoid getting into trouble in the first place.