First Year Students

Social media is big on campus in fact almost all college kids in Canada use one form of social media or the other, if it’s your first year of college you may be tempted to do a lot of things. For example, you may want to post pictures of everything you do or take silly challenges such as planking just to impress someone.


The thing about social media that most people fail to realize is that it has a dark side that can cause you your reputation, health and sometimes even life or property. For instance have you heard of the guy who posted on Facebook that he was going to South America only to have his house robbed when he was away because he posted the location of his home? The burglars even left him a thank you note.

The following are things you should never do on social media while in campus.

Cyber Bullying

Cyber bullying is a crime that can lead the victim to suicide, depression and violence. The bully when caught will face criminal prosecution and expulsion depending on the circumstances of the case. Note that all colleges in Canada have bullying/discrimination policies, this means that you are not allowed to discriminate or bully anyone because of their sexual orientation, race, religion, sex, learning disability and even age. Want to know more about what you can expect from your first year at college?

Another thing that you should not do is trash your teachers online, this is considered bullying and there are consequences when caught.

Posting illegal activities

It is normal for students in college to experiment with illegal substances such as marijuana or underage drinking; the problem with this is that most post their illegal activities on their social media pages. When posting these photos or videos students forget one thing, the information is open to the public, meaning that that picture of you smoking a joint can lead to expulsion or criminal charges.

Remember the internet is a gigantic public record that will always be there, therefore that picture that you send let’s say on snapchat can find its way into the public domain.

One way of controlling who sees your post is by privatizing your accounts or not posting anything that may cause you embarrassment in future.

Posting your location

You may want your friends to know where you are and what you’re doing, but each time you post your location there is a possibility that a predator or criminals are looking at that information. This means that once you post a location you make it easier for people with ill motives to find you, especially if you are in a remote location.

It is also important to understand that threatening violence against someone online is a crime, so don’t do it. Before you post anything make sure that you are not posting it emotionally e.g. when angry at someone stay off social media because you may post things that can cost you your freedom, job or reputation.

Generally try to keep your social media pages clean, try not to post things that you will cause you embarrassment in future.