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You can define psychoeducational assessment Vancouver as a study of the mental processes and tests used to analyze a child’s mental performance, the point of having this test done is to find any underlying learning disorders that maybe affecting your Child’s performance at school. The assessment looks at aspects such as language skills, intelligence and memory, the assessment also looks at working memory, attention, planning abilities, eye hand coordination, time management and verbal visual learning.


On the academic side the assessment will look at writing, reading, spelling, mathematics and oral expressive skills.

Simply put the assessment is made up of two types of testing, the first focuses on psychological assessment and the second focuses on educational assessment. The goal of these tests is to determine if a child meets a particular diagnosis e.g. ADHD, this means that the results will be used to determine the child’s special support services needed at school.

Who administers the test and what is the Importance of psycho educational assessment

questionsThe test can be administered by a licensed clinical psychologist or by a certified school psychologist. The first test which involves psychological testing is designed to measure a child’s cognitive weaknesses and strengths. The most commonly used way of measuring this is with a test known as WAIS-III, this test aims to assess the overall potential of the child or the IQ (intelligence quotient).

On the other hand educational tests are designed to measure what the child has learned in school not the ability he or she has, this means that the test isn’t designed to ask if you have the ability to do math, it just asks if the child learned what he or she is being taught in school.

The combination of these two tests is what is known as psychoeducational assessment or simply a test used to find disorders such as ADHD, dyslexia or any other learning disorder that can impact your Child’s capabilities at school.

What makes psycho educational assessment important is, the tests look at the strengths and weaknesses of the child. This means that, once you know what’s affecting your child’s performance at school you will be in a better position to target the problem through support or intervention.

This also means that you and the teachers will have a clear picture of the child’s abilities and what he or she needs both at home and at school. The test usually focuses on:

  • Background information
  • Social emotional functioning
  • Processing measure
  • Academic functioning
  • Cognitive functioning

Does your child need psycho educational assessment?

To determine whether or not your child needs psycho educational assessment you should look for the following signs.

  1. If your child consistently under performs even after studying hard.
  2. If you get too much negative feedback from school, but don’t jump the gun if the child is only getting little negative feedback.
  3. The child’s behavior such as poor planning or emotional problems that are related to school.
  4. If you think your child needs better accommodation at school.